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卡尔瓦多斯(苹果白兰地) San Salvador

The legend says that the Spanish ship named San Salvador wrecked near the coast of Normandy in 1588. Spanish sailors managed to reach the shore, where hospitable Normans helped them. The rumor about the survivors spread among people, and soon Salvador became Norman calvador. And Spanish sailors decided to make the local cider stronger by distilling it, the villagers called the new beverage calvados in honor of Spaniards.

It stands out for a harmonious combination of a delicate aroma of autumn apples, mellow pleasant taste and beautiful amber color.


The masters of the cellar recommend to drink eau-de-vie de pomme from traditional cognac snifter or from a small tulip-shaped glass meant for grappa. It is best served at room temperature. Eau-de-vie de pomme is perfectly matching with fruit, various desserts and coffee.

年龄: 6 年
酒精度: 40% 体积
类别: XO
容量: 0.5 升
Ingredients: apple-distilled spirit, purified water, sugar
gold medal 2012 Ukraine (Yalta, Crimea), Yalta. Gold Griffin-2012
excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health