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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


29 May 2013 the 4th International Tasting Contest “BEST DRINK – 2013” was held at the “АССO International” fairgrounds in Kiev (Ukraine). 21 companies from Ukraine and the countries of the CIS have participated in the contest.

The contestants were subdivided into the following categories:

- Wines: still, fortified, sparkling
- Fruit wines: ciders etc.
- Beverages: liqueurs, balsams
- Cognac, brandy, calvados
- Armagnac
- Vodka
- Beer
- Low-alcoholic drinks
- Non-alcoholic drinks
- Cocktails
- Mineral and table water
- Juice
- Energy drinks

Wines by the Tiraspol Winery & Distillery «KVINT» were given only the first places in different nominations. The absolute hit of the event was the new wine “Sauvignon Blanc” Millesime 2012 – white semi-dry wine made in European style, featuring all varietal peculiarities of the grape.

Vintage white dry wine “Riesling” (vintage 2011) 1st place in the nomination “Best Riesling”
Red dry wine “Merlot” 1st place in the nomination “Best varietal red wine”
White semi-dry wine «Sauvignon Blanc» Millesime 2012 1st place in the nomination “Best varietal white wine”
Red dessert wine “Kagor” 1st place in the nomination “Best dessert red wine”