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Friday, 24 November 2023


According to the results of the WINE OF MOLDOVA CONTEST held in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), three products of the Tiraspol Winery & Distillery KVINT were awarded Gold medals:
White wine Viorica Millésime 2022
Divin Nistru (aged 8 years)
Divin KVINT (aged 25 years)
An international tasting panel evaluated samples from 60 Moldovan manufacturers of wines and spirits of grape origin. This year, jury members were invited from those countries where Moldovan alcohol is already exported or is going to be exported to. The evaluation system has become stricter: previously, 85-89.99 points were enough for a Gold Medal, but now 89-92.99 points are needed. Foreign experts paid special attention to wines made from autochthonous grape varieties (such as Viorica, for example), recognizing them as unique, elegant and promising, reflecting “the image and traditions of Moldova as a wine-making country”.