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It is made according to the production process of rosé wines from the selected grapes of Pinot Gris variety grown in the vineyards of KVINT factory. This elegant wine of pearl pink color enchants with its exquisite bouquet with delicate tones of lychee, mango, passion fruit, sweet strawberry notes, and hints of fig. The soft taste of this wine features tones of berries and exotic fruit, with long after-taste.


It is best served chilled, at temperature 12-14°C, and goes well with fish dishes, seafood, white meat with cream sauce, cheese, fruit, and dessert.

酒精度: 11-14% 体积
颜色: 玫瑰色
类别: 纯葡萄汁酒
容量: 0.75 升
Grape variety: Pinot Gris
excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health