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Wednesday, 16 March 2022


The INTERNATIONAL WINE AND SPIRITS COMPETITION 2022 (UK, London) announced the results. For 2 weeks 85 experts were examining over 4,000 spirits from 90 countries. KVINT beverages were awarded with 3 Silver medals:
1) Divin Victoria – 90 points – SILVER
2) Gin Esis – 91 points – SILVER
3) Vodka Vyuga – 93 points – SILVER
The jury panel gave their organoleptic evaluation of our beverages:
Divin Victoria, “Very attractive aromas of honey and warm fruit. The nicely developed palate is elegant and complex, and opens up with more stone fruit and spice”.
Gin Esis, “A floral and tropical nose. Lots of pineapple, chamomile, and mint imperials. This unique array of flavours leads to a well made, contemporary, lightly creamy, fresh minty palate”.
Vodka Vyuga, “Attractively floral with aromas of fresh cut white flowers. Well textured palate driving a smooth and sweet finish”.