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Company KVINT pays special attention to production technology in order to preserve the best traditions of making alcoholic beverages, on the one hand, and to introduce modern approach and know-how of the latest scientific research on the other hand.

The significant part of our products are the alcoholic beverages made from grape materials – wines, brandies, divins. The production cycle of these beverages at an early stage is more or less the same, and then, depending on the recipe of the final product, there are substantial differences in the process.

Vodka, gin and eau-de-vie de pomme are made from wheat and apple materials respectively; therefore the production process is composed of different technological operations, which require equal care and respect for high standards in this area.

Due to strict quality control, precise adherence to technological process, and the use of the most advanced developments in alcoholic industry, a wide assortment of our products is highly appreciated by consumers throughout the world and by professionals at the most prestigious exhibitions and tasting competitions.

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