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5 steps of water purification Water treatment is a key link in a chain of vodka production. The water used for vodka production is taken from the Artesian well (its depth is more than 100 meters) located on the territory of KVINT Distillery. This water has a unique composition of vital minerals, it is naturally soft and crystal-clear with distinctive taste.

The technological process of water-preparation is multistage and it consists of the following steps: degassing, filtration with sand filters, softening, demineralization with a reverse-osmosis membrane, treatment with UV-rays. The process of water treatment is totally automatic and programmed for achieving specific preset parameters of the final water.
Preparation of alcohol-water mixture Ethyl rectified alcohol is pumped through pipelines from the alcohol cellar to vodka production facility into the receiving tank for alcohol. After that alcohol and specially treated water are transferred through measuring dosers of the 1st class into the blenders where mixing occurs. This blend is called “alcohol-water mixture”.
Purification of alcohol-water mixture The alcohol-water mixture is a subject to further 3-phase purification:

- preliminary filtration with sand filters in order to retain eventual solid particles. To achieve an inimitable taste and crystal clearness of our beverages, we use special types of quartz sand from the Ural Mountains in Russia;

- processing in an adsorbent column with birch-tree charcoal, which removes extraneous substances and notably improves organoleptic characteristics of the product;

- final filtration through fine sand filters, thus adding to the crystal clearness to the final product.
Crushing The most important natural ingredients prescribed by the traditional London Dry Gin recipe – juniper berries and cardamom fruit undergo crushing or grinding procedure.
Infusing The crushed berries and fruit are infused on alcohol-water mixture prepared from high-quality grain rectified ethyl alcohol and specially treated water.
Secondary distillation The alcohol-water mixture infused on natural ingredients in presence of all used botanicals is subjected to the secondary distillation in pot stills. Juniper berries and cardamom fruit give invigorative spicy aroma, piquant taste and fresh aftertaste to gin.
Blending After the secondary distillation the alcohol obtains strength of 68-70% vol. Then, the product is diluted with specially treated water to get the final alcoholic strength 45% vol.
Rest The freshly prepared blend of gin is characterized by misbalanced aroma and taste, due to disturbance of equilibrium of the components. To avoid this, every blended gin has to rest for at least 20 days to calm down.
Bottling The bottlery is equipped with the automatic bottling lines of the well-known European manufacturers. Bottling is one of the main stages in a cycle of production of top-quality drinks. Quality is above all, therefore the process of wines and spirits creation is controlled at all stages by accurate instruments of KVINT laboratory which is accredited in Transdniestria and in Moldova for conformity to International standard ISO 17025:2006.