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Eau-de-vie de pomme

Ageing The shortest ageing time of KVINT apple spirits is 3 years. The best wood to keep eau-de-vie de pomme in is oak. Constant temperature and humidity are kept in cellars where apple spirits are ageing. Multitude of spirits, favorable conditions of ageing including temperature control, humidity, competently chosen barrels and daily care – any of these components contribute to the formation of taste accents and aromatic nuances.
Blending Like divin, eau-de-vie de pomme is a result of blending. Gradual mixing of apple spirits of different varieties and different age enables us to create eau-de-vie de pomme with special aromatic and taste features. Our masters combine various samples into one bouquet in order to obtain the perfectly harmonious taste. According to classical production process, no flavor agents or food additives are used.
Rest The freshly prepared blend of eau-de-vie de pomme is characterized by misbalanced bouquet and taste, due to disturbance of equilibrium of the components. To avoid this, every blended eau-de-vie de pomme is put for rest into big casks, this process takes place in contact with oak, similarly to ageing process. VS eaux-de-vie de pomme need rest for not less than a month, VSOP eaux-de-vie de pomme – for not less than 6 months. This is a minimal time of rest, however, in fact the prepared eau-de-vie de pomme can stay at rest for several years.
Cold treatment Cold treatment usually takes place before bottling. Eau-de-vie de pomme is chilled at the temperature from –10°С to –15°С and kept in tanks for 7-10 days, depending on the blend of beverage, then follows filtration at the same temperature as one of cold treatment. During the whole period of treatment the temperature is controlled automatically. The procedure of cold treatment enables us to guarantee that eau-de-vie de pomme will stay clear and stable in the bottle, if the conditions of storage are observed.
Control filtration After cold treatment eaux-de-vie de pomme undergo control filtration for giving them additional brilliance and crystalline clarity.
Bottling The bottlery is equipped with the automatic bottling lines of the well-known European manufacturers. Bottling is one of the main stages in a cycle of production of top-quality drinks. Quality is above all, therefore the process of wines and spirits creation is controlled at all stages by accurate instruments of KVINT laboratory which is accredited in Transdniestria and in Moldova for conformity to International standard ISO 17025:2006.